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About us

Serving the entire country, The Wooders Limited is a Tanzanian company with a passion for home and office furniture. We are just warming us! Incorporated in 2021, in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Our main desire is to make every person who reach to us to feel a sense of quality. To have people see the advantage of having quality locally produced products. We get all our raw material from local farmers so as to support them economically. It's our pride to utilize our natural resources. Our joined efforts is geared by our staff towards the production of nothing but the best.


Our Vision

To create a better, comfortable living for as many people as we can reach


Our Mission

To touch the lives of many people, directly or indirectly with a better living and working environment for their brighter future. To strengthen the loving culture and the spirit of togetherness.

Quality is our number one priority

We can say that a product is known as a quality product only when it satisfies various criteria for its functioning for the consumer. Our quality control team is well trained in this field. We don't compromise anything but the best. We ensure that every product is well tested. We are number one consumers of our products. This helps us easily detect any flaw on them and rectify early enough


Environmental Awareness

We are against illegal cutting down of trees. Hence we only obtain our wood from certified sources only. In addition, we have a pilot project of planting trees in Morogoro, Tuliani area where we are growing over 10,000 trees to compensate for our beautiful mother nature. We are doing our part, and you are welcome to join us.