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Mbao Safi

Welcome to The Wooders Limited, Tanzania

At THE WOODERS LIMITED we want to put well-designed, affordable home and office furnishing to be easily available, and custom made, and reaching as many people as possible, with the most affordable rates. We are here to help you furnish your business and/or your home.
We have a passion in home and office furniture.

Wooden bed and furniture

Our Products

As a results of many minds, many souls and many hands working together, the hard work put in our projects is destined to deliver the best products in the market.  For your home or office needs. We are about anything that has to do with wood. You will get our products on your local supermarket or visit our store.

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Buying Home and Office Furniture from The Wooders

All our products are hand made, for perction on the small details that matter. Ordering The Wooders products has now been simplified. Furnish your apartments, hotels, offices, schools, restaurants, supermarket's and houses all anywhere in Tanzania and we will organise for your delivery. Follow this easy steps below or contact us to see if we can find the best solutions for you.

1. Get inspired
2. Choose your products
3. Order
4. Pay
5. Receive the Delivery
6. Live a comfortable life

sitting room living room wooden

Get hold of us

We are ready to accept your next challenge. We are ready for you to push as to our limit. Some people say we are slow, but you just can't get the finest details when in a hurry. Photographers are our witnesses. Getting hold of us is easy and any of the below means will connect you to us: